For Boys Only!

Kyle Jackie Hair Care: "For Boys Only" is a natural hair care line designed specifically for boys!  After noticing that there were little to no products geared towards promoting healthy self-care routines for boys, Kyle and I decided to create products that him and other young boys can feel confident in using and calling their own!  Kyle Jackie Hair Care: "For Boys Only" products are vegan-friendly, paraben free, cruelty-free, and made with all natural ingredients! On each product, we provide empowering and positive affirmations to instill confidence in our boys.  We define the grooming experience for parents and their boys.  Our mission is to always educate our community on how to nurture a boy’s self-care journey!  These products have changed the way Kyle and I approach his self-care routine and has enhanced his grooming experience! 

Tell us how Kyle Jackie Hair Care: "For Boys Only" has helped your boy!! 

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